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Come One Come All, But Only Adventure Freaks!


INDIA MOUNTAIN CLUB : Come One Come All, But Only Adventure Freaks!

Do you love to travel? Are you tired of making plans but not being able to execute? Or friends bailing at the last moment or other logistical issues? Are you looking for a break from your monotonous routine? Do you often dream of snow clad mountains, bonfires, treks, waterfalls, rejuvenating in the pristine lap of nature or just making new friends and hanging out with the like minded? Do you wish to explore your inner self, practice mindfulness or want to just relax away from the hustle bustle of cities?

Are you looking to learn birdwatching from an expert? Spot a Big Cat on a Jungle Safari? Do you want to celebrate your birthday with a few closed ones in an offbeat location? Are you thinking of organising a corporate event or retreat at a luxurious property?

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Your One Stop Solution to executing all of these plans is India Mountain Club.

We at the India Mountain Cub understand how overwhelming life gets and the constant need to manage time, find work life balance as well as explore this beautiful world to hearts content.

We also understand how confusing and chaotic it gets with a zillion options available but things not working out at the last moment.

We offer an array of adrenaline rushing as well as relaxing and educational activities like Biking, Riding, Paragliding, Adventure, Climbing, Camping, Trekking, Travel across India as Well as Retreats !! You name it and we do it for you! India Mountain Club is Travel made easy.

“Dream. Plan. Execute.” Is our motto.

So without further delay just fasten your seatbelts and start an adventurous lifelong journey with us! Become a member of India Mountain Club. Plan something, Pick a program or Create one with us! Call Us Right NOW!


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