Har ki dun trek

Har ki dun trek

Har Ki Dun is a very old trek route and because of its beauty and diverse elements, it still continues to be one of the popular treks of India

The phrase Har Ki Dun translates to the Land Of Lord Shiva – God of Gods, as per the Hindu beliefs.

Har Ki Dun is a valley trek that’s why it is evergreen. It can be done anytime and offers a very engaging experience as it has lots of elements of Himalayas. Forest, Meadows, Multiple Streams, Multiple Waterfalls, Butterflies, Colourful Flowers, Wild Animals, Lakes, over 7 tall Snow Capped Peaks, Glaciers, Unique temples, rituals and beliefs, oldest villages and unique architecture and carpentry. Full of surprises and amazing experiences

Har Ki dun trek

The campsite of Har Ki Dun is picturesque as the giant Har Ki Dun peak and Hata Peak stands tall right in front of it. The tranquil streams of Maninda Gad and Hata Gad flow down silently right in the middle of the campsite, surrounded by coniferous trees and shorter mountains.

Maninda Tal and the beauty of its surrounding valley have always surprised the trekkers with its unbelievable beauty and peaceful ambience. The route goes on to one of the difficult Borasu Pass in Uttrakhand to cross over to Zupica Glacier and then onwards to Chitkul.

The trek towards the Jaundhar Glacier takes you to the bottom of the Swargarohini massif which hosts 6 peaks, 4 of which are very prominent and can be seen right from Sankri. The beauty and feeling one goes through while on this trek is just indescribable. The vast meadow beneath the snow-capped peaks of the Swargarohinis and the Jaundhar Gad melted down from the Jaundhar glacier, silently curving its way to meet the Har Ki Dun river…  This confluence is mesmerizing and something to come this far for

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